As the pandemic took hold in April 2020, Location Medical Services were asked by NHS Trusts in west London and Surrey to rapidly expand an existing paramedic home visiting scheme.

Within a week they set up a permanent control room and had 12 cars operating 7 days a week responding to Covid patients at home across three Clinical Commissioning Groups. The service was so successful it has now been commissioned as a permanent paramedic home visiting service – and LMS have now visited almost 10 000 patients.

Said Dan Melhuish, Managing Director of LMS: “The rapidly re-purposed vehicles that were first deployed early 2020 have now been replaced with new, dedicated, vehicles – complete with high conspicuity vehicle markings produced and applied by Bluelite Graphics.”

LMS has 25 years of experience providing professional medical support services to the film, TV and events industries. They have provided paramedics and ambulance support services to over 500 feature films, TV productions, commercials and music videos across the UK and Europe and, pre-pandemic, provided the medical support for numerous high-profile public, sporting and music events across the UK.