Which of the emergency services has the most proficient drivers – police, fire or ambulance?

BBC Top Gear stars Paddy, Freddie and Chris set about finding out in a recent episode of the high octane series…and to help them stay authentic, Bluelite was there to kit out the vehicles in the correct livery.

Of course, everything was arranged with the blessing of the emergency services – and all the driving was on the Top Gear racetrack – with Bluelite technicians applying the livery onsite at the show’s studios in Surrey before filming started.

The presenters joined police, fire and ambulance crews from Scotland, Surrey and the North West to put the driving skills of the professionals to the test – which meant negotiating a timed obstacle lap, a fast pursuit of the Stig and a ‘chain-car’ challenge.

All the professionals did a great job….to see who came out on top go to  www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000fztj/top-gear-series-28-episode-6